First Time?
Here's what to Expect

At Red Lotus, we pride ourselves on delivering a clean and precise procedure, every time. 

All needles used at Red Lotus are single use and pre-sterilized, with all of  our equipment coming from the top tattoo industry suppliers.   We tattoo many of our friends and family, and we extend the same care and professionalism on to you. 

Our artists are trained in all policies and procedures of creating and maintaining a sterile working environment.  When you get tattooed at Red Lotus, you can be sure that everything possible has been done to keep you safe and clean. 

Our modern / classic studio is friendly and relaxed, with plenty to get the brainstorm gears turning.   Our comfortable waiting area is great while waiting for your artist to get your drawing and stencil ready.  Once everything is ready to go, your artist will invite you to their station to apply the stencil.  Your artist will then prepare all the needles, inks, and machines right in front of you so you know everything we use is sterile.

After your tattoo is finished, your artist will wrap your new ink and talk to you about aftercare instructions.

Whether it's your first time at the studio or your fiftieth, you'll always find a studio full of qualified professionals happy to help! 

We hope to see you soon!