Tattoo aftercare

So you have a brand new tattoo and you want to keep it looking amazing?  Here are our aftercare instructions to keep it looking fresh and vibrant!

ALWAYS ALWAYS wash your hands before handling your new tattoo!

Remove the bandage/wrap in two hours.  If you are not in a clean environment(i.e. bar, outside, jail, etc.), wait until you are.  Throw your bandage away AND you will not re-bandage during the healing process. 

Soap a paper towel with Anti-bacterial soap(Dial, Tech 2000) and water. Lukewarm tap water will be fine, just as long as you don't live near a power plant. A good rule of thumb here is the wetter and soapier you make the paper towel, the better job it will do. 

Gently wash the tattooed area until all the dried blood, plasma, and excess ointment are removed, then rinse excess soap away.  Many clients find this process easier to do in the shower, by simply using your soapy hand to clean and rinse.  Remember, dried blood that stays in the surface of a new tattoo could possibly form a scab, which in turn could lead to a bald spot in the color, so make sure you are thorough. 

Blot with a dry, clean paper towel and allow it to air out for a few moments. This is the first time seeing your new tattoo since it was bandaged, so check it out in the mirror and go on with your bad self!  YOU JUST GOT TATTOOED!!

Apply  an unscented water-based (Curel, Lubriderm, Nivea, Aquaphor) hand lotion four to five times a day for the duration of the healing process. Make sure you rub the lotion in completely as any excess lotion on the surface will suffocate your tattoo and make it take longer to heal.  ALWAYS wash your hands before applying the lotion.


Helpful Tips

No picking and No scratching

Apply lotion as directed and do not let your tattoo dry out

Be sure that when friends, family and strangers are checking out your fresh tattoo, they're using their eyes and not their hands. Nothing worse for a new tattoo than a grubby paw. 

Avoid submerging it in water.  Showering is fine, just don't stand there with hot water beating on it...get in and get out.  No pools, hot tubs, ocean, or soaking in a tub during the healing process as this will SERIOUSLY damage your new tattoo.

Sunlight and U.V. rays will fade tattoo pigment, so avoid it while healing.  Once your tattoo is healed, either clothing that covers it (preferred) or use a zinc-oxide stick to avoid sun damage. 

The name of the game is simple, keep your tattoo clean and to keep it moisturized. 

The less you mess with it, the better it will heal and the happier you will be.

If you have any questions while your tattoo is healing, don't hesitate to contact your artist by email or by phone.   Friends and family give the worst advice about healing tattoos, so if you need to know something, ask!

Be sure to stop back when your tattoo is healed so we can give you a check up and make sure it healed correctly. You won't need an appointment to do this.  Just stop on by, your artist will love to see you!