Resources & Links

Tattoo Flash, Galleries and Ideas

· Religious Tattoos - desire to profess faith with an interest in tattoos

· Tattoo Johnny - the world's greatest collection of tattoo designs

· Tattoo Symbol - tattoo symbols, designs, and information

· Tattoo Finder - search, find, and get your ink

· Tattoodles - tattoo designs and photos from around the world


Tattoo Reference & History

· Lyle Tuttle - official site of Lyle Tuttle and Virtual Tattoo Museum 


Arts & Culture

· Shadowscene - urban subculture and street life

· Illinois - Bucks County, PA indie-folk / pop-rock band 

· Voodoo Authentica - authentic ritual supplies, voodoo dolls, ect.



· Blue Sage - Red Lotus recommended, Southampton, PA, vegetarian grille