A modern/classic tattoo studio

Since opening in March of 2010, The Red Lotus Tattoo Company has become the premiere tattoo studio in the area, garnering The Best of Montco Awards in 2015 2016 and 2017 as the top studio in Montgomery County.  With over 20 years experience in the tattoo industry, our artists are masters of all styles, capable of handling any project you can dream up, from clean and crisp jammers to full on body coverage!

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The Red Lotus Tattoo Company is also the home of The Wedding Tattooer, as featured in The N.Y. Times, Philly Mag, Rebel Circus, Offbeat Bride, AOL In The Know, Martha Stewart Weddings, Inked Magazine, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. Go to www.theweddingtattooer.com to experience the new wedding buzzzzz!

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the Studio

 Inside the studio, you will find a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere reflecting the hip diversity of today's body art enthusiasts while also paying tribute to it’s storied past.   We feel the ancient practice of body modification is a sacred one and our mission is to bring this spirit and tradition to every client.  We believe in good old fashioned customer service and solid work, we look forward to sharing with you our brand of good clean fun! 

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time for new ink?

Ready to book your next piece?   Want to sit down with an artist to design something uniquely you? Up for anything?   Check out our artist portfolios and contact the shop to set up your next appointment.